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  • Do you face difficulties in hiring reliable staff to handle your accounting and payroll needs?
  • Do you face turnover in staffing and is unable to have consistency and stability in fulfiling your accounting and payroll tasks?
  • Do you worry about rising business operation costs? Would you have preferred that all operational costs are variable?
  • Do you face a lack of foreign worker quota for hiring?
  • Do you believe that your time can be better used in building your business, rather than being deeply involved in doing and checking back-office work?
  • Do you prefer to have confidentiality of sensitive payroll and accounting data, keeping such data out of the hands of employees?
  • Do you need to set up Singapore operations without having a local office?
  • Do you need a one-stop professional vendor to handle your setup and launch of your local operations? ( from incorporation, opening of bank accounts, setting up of local retail or F&B outlets, to hiring of staff, payroll, payment of vendors, accounts, GST, tax, etc )


If your answer is YES to any of the above; you can enjoy the following benefits by engaging our services:

  • Continuity in non-core functions, not affected by staff turnover, annual/sick/maternity/childcare leave or staff going In-camp training.
  • Keep precious foreign worker quota for core functions
  • Variable costs. Outsourced quotation can rise and fall according to your volume of business.
  • Retain focus on important core business activities. We will manage these non-core activities for you.
  • Quality and timely financial and management reports for effective decision-making.
  • Access to financial & management expertise, if not available in-house. We prepare and review the financial report as well as analyse the financial reports for your management.
  • Retain confidentiality of your accounting records. We are governed by Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Reliability of an experienced term to help you set up your local setup.
  • Contact us for a FREE evaluation TODAY.

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